Calm And Happy Life Tips 2023
calm and happy life

Calm And Happy Life Tips 2023

Calm And Happy Life Tips 2023

Calm And Happy Life Tips 2023. Who doesn’t want a quiet and happy life? A quiet and happy life is a wish that sounds simple, but is so coveted by everyone. Although we cannot deny it, the standard of happiness is relative, different from one another. There are some simple keys to a calm and happy life that you can apply so that you avoid anxiety.

What are the keys to a calm and happy life? Come on, see the review in the following article!

The Tips To Live With Calm and Happy Life

Worry, anxiety, and fear are very human. However, often our anxiety about something actually triggers stress, unhappiness, and mental illness. To prevent excessive worrying about something that may not necessarily happen, it’s a good idea to apply the key to a calm and happy life below.

1. Expand gratitude

Often times unhappiness arises when we feel less than what we have. In fact, every human being created by God has its own strengths and weaknesses. Increasing gratitude can be the key to a calm and happy life. Having big dreams is natural, but don’t forget to be grateful for what you have now.

To increase your gratitude, you can, you know, spend a little of your time writing down the things you are grateful for every day in your diary. The happiness that you record can start with simple things, such as gratitude for being given health, being able to eat well, work done smoothly, etc.

2. Don’t bring problems while sleeping

Research in Beijing, China proves that anger and bad experiences that are brought into the subconscious during sleep have a negative impact on health, especially brain health. Anger and bad experiences that are carried away during sleep can increase stress levels and our tendency to continue to remember these experiences and feelings. So, if you have a bad day, it’s a good idea to calm your mind first by meditating for a while, then releasing negative thoughts before going to bed.

3. Have a positive mindset

Often feelings of unhappiness arise when we are overthinking and prejudiced against things that may not necessarily happen. This habit is not good for your mental state, you know. Try to think of the positives about everything. Always positive thinking is one of the keys to a calm and happy life.

4. Get enough rest

One of the simplest keys to a calm and happy life is to have enough rest time. Ideally, human rest time in one day is 7-8 hours. Enough sleep can reset your mind so you can start the day fresh the next day.

5. Get up early in the morning

When your body gets enough rest every day and is used to getting up early, you can start your morning activities more easily. Waking up in the morning can make your mind fresher and a good start to be more productive, you know. By getting up early, you avoid feeling rushed because you are in a hurry, so you don’t need to worry about that. Therefore, getting up early in the morning can be one of the key factors in living a calm and happy life every day.

6. Exercise regularly

Exercising is one way to maintain a healthy body to stay fit. By exercising regularly, your body’s immunity will increase so that it is not susceptible to disease. In addition, exercise can make your mind more relaxed so that regular exercise is one of the keys to a calm and happy life that you can apply.

Exercise can trigger an increase in the hormone serotonin in the body. The hormone serotonin plays an important role in improving your mood for the better so you can feel happy.

7. Stop comparing yourself to others

The level of satisfaction from a human being seems to never end. Humans continue to want more than what they have now so they often make other people’s lives a comparison of their own. The presence of social media as a place to expose someone’s success more or less triggers us to feel dissatisfied with ourselves. In fact, everyone has their own life line that is not necessarily the same as other people.

Dissatisfaction with yourself brings negative feelings that make you unhappy. You can take a break from social media for a while to detox negative feelings and focus on your own life. Believe me, focusing on our own life makes us much happier! This method can be the key to a calm and happy life for you that you can try.

8. Applying a practical lifestyle

Everything that is complicated must make you dizzy seven around. There are always annoying things that spoil the mood in the morning, one of which is getting stuck in traffic. The Batman traffic jam trap can be an ongoing problem such as being late for work, getting scolded by your boss, and many more. To minimize this, you can apply a practical lifestyle. One of them is by taking public transportation that is free of traffic jams such as the train or MRT. This can be a simple step to start the day in a good mood.

9. Live within your means

One of the causes of endless anxiety is living in debt. After payday, instead of feeling happy, I’m even stressed, because the bills are waiting for you to pay. As a result, one month’s salary is used up to pay bills and living life for the next month feels very heavy.

Well, it seems you need to evaluate your finances again. You can slowly limit your desire to buy tertiary items such as gadgets, vehicles on credit. After completing paying off debt, you can start planning finances from the start by making expense items that match the income you receive each month. Going forward, you can save before buying goods instead of buying them on credit.

10. Healthy financial condition

Another important thing that is the key to a calm and happy life is having a healthy financial condition. One way to make this happen is to make a salary allocation. The following is the allocation formula assuming a salary of IDR 5 million per month.

Needs & bills 65%
Emergency fund & insurance 10%
Savings & investment 10%
Salary allocation for fun 10%
Donation/alms 5%
You can read more about salary allocation in the following article: Mediocre Salary Can You Save and Invest? Try This Salary Allocation!

By making a salary allocation plan, you will have a handle on making your financial condition healthy. A healthy financial condition will make your life calmer and happier. The salary allocation for saving and investing is not large, but by doing it regularly every month, you can realize your dreams in the future and achieve your version of financial freedom. Financial freedom is of course the key to a calm and happy life that can’t be missed, right?


Everyone basically has their own way to live a calm and happy life. You can apply the key to a calm and happy life in this article. Increase gratitude, stop comparing yourself to others, so that maintaining your financial condition to stay healthy is the key to a calm and happy life that you shouldn’t miss.

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