Top 10 Investment Countries After Pandemic
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Top 10 Investment Countries After Pandemic

Top 10 Investment Countries After Pandemic

In a pandemic, no one wants to invest in a whole country. Then, Very few executives could have predicted that the SARS Cov-2 (COVID-19) virus originating in China would cause a global economic crisis in 2020. So, just four months after the first case report was published in Wuhan. Then, With more than 3 million confirmed cases worldwide, exponential economic uncertainty continues. So while the pandemic could reduce global economic growth by 2%, global trade is expected to fall by up to 32%, according to the US Congressional Research Service.

Equity markets and corporate uncertainty then create unprecedented challenges. Then, This is the riddle of when is the right time to start investing without knowing when the peak of this health crisis will occur.


However, CEOWORLD published a list of 10 countries to invest in. Then, These countries are the best opportunities to invest or do business in post-COVID-19 2020s.

Through his research, CEOWORLD analyzes 80 countries based on their business and investment climates. Then, Various factors are considered, including corruption, freedom, labor force, investor protection, infrastructure, taxes, quality of life, bureaucracy and technical readiness. So, And no wonder, Singapore topped the 2020 list as the most attractive destination for investors and business people.

Then, The UK is second, followed by Poland, Indonesia and India. However, it is important to note that the results do not take into account the current pandemic. This is also the impact of the health crisis on the economy.

In comparison, Iran ranks 80th on the list, just below Saint Lucia, Dominica, Grenada, Saint Kitts and Nevis, and Antigua and Barbuda.
Then, According to report, the 10 most promising countries for investment and business in 2020 are:

1. Singapore

In the investment countries, the city-state of Singapore was the best country to invest in or do business in 2020 with a total score of 86,087.

2. English

In the investment countries, the UK offers investors the next best opportunity with a total score of 84,494.

3. Poland

In the investment countries, perhaps this is unexpecting to many, Poland being one of the top places for investment, ranking highly for market potential and institutional framework.

4. Indonesia

In the investment countries, Indonesia, firmly in the top 4 with a total score of 82,978.

5. India

In the investment countries, this South Asian country scores highly in its institutional framework followed by education and research.

6. Australia

In the investment countries, with a total score of 82,305, the continent’s nation perform well in all sectors including education and research, market potential and trade openness.

7. Philippines

In the investment countries, describe as the technology hub of Asia believe it?. Then, the country score the seventh best place for businesspeople.

8. United States of America

Even though the country has the highest number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the world, it was in the top 10 best countries to invest in in 2020 – before COVID-19 swept the globe.

9. Malaysia

Then, The fifth Asian country in the top 10 recorded a total score of 81,021, providing the best in an institutional framework.

10. Czech Republic

Then, The landlocked central European country made it into the top 10 leading places for investors for this year.

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