Review of Best Italy Travel Insurance 2022
best travel insurance in Italy

Review of Best Italy Travel Insurance 2022

Review of Best Italy Travel Insurance 2022

Now we will discuss the best travel insurance in Italy. Italy is a popular destination for young travelers, offering delicious food, renowned nightlife culture, countless regional festivals, and plenty of cafes to sit back and relax. However, when it comes to travel insurance, young people are the age group least likely to take out a policy before traveling (often due to cost).

Best for Adventure ⁠— PassportCard

Then, from hiking in the Dolomites to paragliding over the Apennines to scuba diving among ancient Roman ruins off the coast of Naples, Italy offers a lot to people seeking outdoor adventure. However, many travel insurance providers don’t cover sports accidents — especially if they’re risk-prone sports such as skiing or hiking.

PassportCard Nomads is an online travel insurance provider at expats and digital nomads which includes sports accident coverage. On its most basic plan — PassportCard for Digital Nomads — customers benefit from travel insurance in Italy up to six months. Then, its during which time they enjoy a range of unique insurance perks for people on the go, including sports and search and rescue coverage, as well as camera, baggage, and laptop insurance.

Plan of best travel insurance in Italy

PassportCard comes with three plans, all of which come with a red travel insurance card and a unique insurance number to show to the doctor. Below, we look at their most basic plan:

Plan: PassportCard for Digital Nomads

Price: Starting at $59 per person, per month.

Term duration: Up to six months.

Coverage: PassportCard covers all the basics and goes above and beyond when it comes to travel:

Emergency coverage.
Medical coverage.
Pregnancy (up to 12 weeks).
Search and rescue.
Sports accident coverage.
Theft of camera, laptop, or baggage.
Deductible: $0

Maximum limit: $500,000.

Best for: Because of its higher limit of liability and no deductible, we think PassportCard Nomads is best for travelers looking for a low-cost travel insurance plan with wide coverage — especially if they stand to benefit from more adventurous coverage such as outdoor sports and camera and laptop insurance.

Best Overall Coverage ⁠— Insured Nomads

So, When one thinks of visiting Italy, exquisite food, good weather, and beautiful historical ambience are probably the first things to come to mind. Then, From wandering the narrow streets of Naples, to sampling fine wines in Tuscany, to climbing the Duomo in Florence, there’s no arguing with the fact that Italy offers a lot to the everyday tourist.

Aimed at travelers, remote workers, and globetrotters alike, Insured Nomads is another savvy insurtech platform offering travel insurance for Italy that’s ideal for extensive medical- and travel-related coverage. Then, Founded and run by expats around the globe. Insured Nomads offers an impressive range of travel insurances, including a larger scope of medical-related coverages than the other providers in this article.

Best for: Although easily the priciest of the plans we’ve looked at so far, we think Insured Nomads gives the best combination of medical- and travel-related coverage. Then, making it an ideal option for travelers to Italy looking for comprehensive benefits all around . (Insured Nomads also offers an even more comprehensive global health insurance plan for expats for those who plan to live in Italy for an extended period of time.)

Plan of best travel insurance in Italy

Maximum limit: $250,000, $1,000,000, or $2,000,000 based on selection.

We go over Insured Nomads’ basic plan below:

Plan: Travel Insurance World Explorer

Price: Starting at $84 per person, per month.

Term duration: One trip of between 7 and 364 days.

Eligibility: You cannot travel to Italy via Cuba, Iran, Syria, Sudan, North Korea, or the Crimea region.

Coverage: This plan offers a fairly comprehensive set of medal benefits and coverage for a basic travel insurance plan in Italy. These include:

Online consultation (telemedicine).
Medical, emergency, and accident coverage.
Then, Outpatient and inpatient care.
Medical transportation coverage
Then, Evacuation and repatriation.
life insurance.
Adventure sports and marine activity coverage.
Electronics, camera, cellphone, and sports equipment coverage.
Flight delay provisions.
Deductible: $0, $100, $250, or $500 based on selection.

Best For Longer Stays ⁠— Foyer

Global Health by Foyer Group is a premium insurance platform that offers three plans for expats looking for longer-term health insurance in Italy. Then, They cater to adult travelers of any age, and offer premium plans tailored to families, people working abroad, and expats. Because of its wide coverage, we think Foyer Global Health offers the most comprehensive international travel insurance for expats and digital nomads in Italy.

Beyond holidays, Italy is also a very popular destination for expats and digital nomads, and is well known for its good quality of life and cultural openness. However, if you’re planning to move to Italy for a year or more, an ordinary travel insurance policy usually won’t give you what you’re looking for. Then, You’ll want a longer-term option instead.

Plan of best travel insurance in Italy

Below, we look at their most basic plan, ‘Essential’, though their more expensive plans are well worth considering too if you plan to move to Italy with your family and would like to have them covered as well:

Best for: If you’re staying in Italy for a long period of time (e.g. more than a year), then travel benefits become less important than health coverage. As a result, we think Foyer Global Health’s ‘Essential’ plan is ideal for solo travelers living in Italy for extended periods, while its more expensive ‘Special’ and ‘Exclusive’ plans are more suitable if you’re moving with your spouse and children. However, if you’re planning to spend less than a year in Italy and travel-related benefits are more important to you, then we recommend one of the options above instead.

Maximum limit: Varies based on selection.

Plans: Essentials.

Price: Varies based on age, country of origin, marital status (including children), and trip duration.

Coverage: This plan offers a very comprehensive set of medical benefits and coverage for a basic travel insurance plan in Italy. (However, the basic plan lacks in terms of travel-related coverage.) The medical coverage includes:

Extensive family coverage.
Then, inpatient and outpatient care.
Private or semi-private hospital rooms.
Then, Hospital, surgery, therapy, and transport coverage.
Cancer treatment coverage.
Then, Over-the-counter drug coverage.
Doctor’s visit coverage.
Basic dental care coverage.
Deductible: Varies based on selection.


Best for Teens — SafetyWing

Fortunately, not all travel and travel insurance providers are expensive, and some are expensive. For example, SafetyWing, is aimed at a younger age group. Known for his focus on insuring nomads and remote teams. SafetyWing is an online insurance provider that offers some of the best prices for international travel insurance on the market. It offers decent coverage at a very affordable price, which makes it stand out as an excellent choice for travel insurance in Italy — from wherever you are traveling!

The best travel insurance plans in Italy

SafetyWing offers one standard package for international travelers, although prices vary by age group. Below, we only focus on the youth category (18 to 39 years) because we believe this is where SafetyWing’s offerings are most attractive.

Best for: Due to its low costs and low barriers to entry (you only need to register online — which you can even do when you’re already traveling!), we think SafetyWing is the best travel insurance for Italy for young travelers looking to travel. reduce costs. low while still getting decent coverage. However, if you are older than 39 years or you are looking for more coverage and don’t mind paying the higher price. Then we recommend taking a look at the options below.

Maximum limit: $250,000.

Plan: Insurance for immigrants

Price: Starting at $42 per person, per month.


Between 18 and 39 years (for the basic plan).
You cannot travel within the US during your trip.
Coverage: Wing’s basic Travel Safety is comprehensive and includes medical and travel-related benefits. Some of the highlights include:

Coverage of COVID-19¹.
Coverage of hospital, ICU, and ambulance².
Emergency dental coverage.
Physical therapy and chiropractic coverage.
Travel disruption and delay coverage.
Evacuation coverage (medical or political emergency).
Lost baggage up to $3,000.
Less: $250.


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