Review of Best Insurance In Singapore 2023
Best insurance in Singapore

Review of Best Insurance In Singapore 2023

Review of Best Insurance In Singapore 2023

Singapore is the best country in the world. You can find the best insurance in Singapore in an easy way. There are 9 best insurance in Singapore.

1. NTUC Revenue

– Drivo emergency relief team and free NCD shield
NTUC is A leading brand with excellent roadside assistance, with Orange Force riders arriving at the crash site to provide assistance anytime and anywhere
– 24/7 referral service for outpatient and medical assistance in West Malaysia
– S$50/day transportation allowance from the first day of repair, up to a maximum of seven days
– One of best insurance in Singapore have 30+ authorized workshops all over the island
– Free NCD Protector is given automatically on next renewal if you have enjoyed 50% NCD in the last two years with

From S$1,004.13

2. AIG

AIG have best for protection from collision related accidents
– Provides collision related accidents with lower premium
– Provides coverage for third party property damage of up to S$5,000,000 and unlimited coverage for death or injury to third parties.
– Pay lower premiums when you limit the policy to drivers aged 30, 35 or 40 years and over, or limit coverage to the next 12 months
From S$1,024.07

3. Singtel – Car Protector

Affordable comprehensive coverage from one of best insurance in singapore

– Simple application process
– Competitive price
– Includes crash crane fee by default
– Officially insured driver and passenger up to S$50,000
– Covered by Great Eastern Life, a well-known insurance company in Singapore

From S$831.70


MSIG have Low price
– Reputable brand with 30+ authorized workshops
– Offers S$100,000 car loan protection in case of death (only for MotorMax Plus policies)
– 24-hour roadside assistance for towing, locking, or minor roadside repair assistance
– Replacement of a new vehicle if your vehicle cannot be repaired after an accident
From S$825.24

5. Etiqa

– Young driver and disabled free driver
Etiqa easy to buy and claim (claims can be paid in 30 minutes)
– S$50/day allowance if your car gets stuck in a repair shop
– One of best insurance in Singapore can customizable benefits for better prices
– Low age limit (24) for young & inexperienced drivers- additional 5% discount if you have been disability free in the last 3 years
– Free child seat protection up to S$300
– Affordable premiums thanks to ongoing promotions

From S$1,161.34

6. Singlife with Aviva

– Promotional fares and young drivers
– Low age limit (24) for young & inexperienced drivers
– 30+ workshops, including the brand’s official workshops
Singlife No Claims Discount (NCD) remains intact without the need to pay more in advance, if your car is damaged through no fault of yours. It also offers the lowest 10% NCD penalty for claims (for Standard and Prestige)
– This one of best insurance in Singapore have Big promo rates for NSmen & PNS
– (for Prestige) an eCall assistance service that automatically alerts the emergency team to provide you with professional assistance
– (For Prestige) No additional benefits for young and inexperienced drivers

From S$1,057.54


– Car Protect360 Choose your own auto repair shop
HLAS have flexibility to choose between going to a repair shop of your choice or an HLAS quality repair shop that comes with reduced excess and premium
– This one of best insurance in Singapore can 24/7 roadside assistance if your car breaks down
– 25% off plus a choice of free car service, air conditioning maintenance or paint protection Starting from $1,336.15
NTUC Revenue – Drivo Electric Vehicles – Covers 11 different EV brands, including Tesla, BYD, Nissan, Audi, BMW, Honda, Hyundai, KIA, MG, Mini and Renault Not applicable

From $1,336.15

8. FWD

– Get 50% NCD lifetime and overseas coverage
FWD have Easy ways to buy your package online make this one of best insurance in Singapore
– Good value for money, has 50% NCD lifetime guarantee
– No need to mention all the drivers. Anyone you trust to drive your car is insured (not applicable to the Classic Package unless a driver is added)
– Car compensation is give for up to three months if your car is written off or lost forever
– Get a daily transportation allowance of up to S$80 (up to 10 days) when they repair your car

From S$918.68

9. Allianz

Allianz have value for money
-Damage to third party property, death or injury to third party and legal representation and defense coverage for all plans
– One of best insurance in Singapore have Lifetime warranty for repair
-Free car while your car is being repaired
-Car replacement if your car is less than two years old and damaged beyond repair
-24/7 free roadside assistance
-flexible advantage
From S$854.17

That is 9 best insurance companies in Singapore!

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