5 Best Insurance Company in Saudi Arabia Review 2022
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5 Best Insurance Company in Saudi Arabia Review 2022

5 Best Insurance Company in Saudi Arabia Review 2022

This is the 5 Best Saudi Arabia Insurance Company 2022 that can give you recommendation for your insurance plan.


Malath Cooperative Insurance & Reinsurance Co. is the second best Saudi Arabia insurance company.

This company provides multiple insurance services within the local Saudi market with thorough professionalism and dependability.

Provides compensation of up to SR 10 million in case of physical damage to the third party
Coverage of blood money and medical charges
Payment of third-party liability in case of bodily injury or automobile damage.
Then, additional coverage of incidental drivers of under 21 years is provided by Malath Insurance company.
Link: www.malath.com.sa

The Comprehensive Car Insurance benefits provided by Malath include:

Provides liability up to SR 10 million for the third party and personal loss and damages, whether vehicular or physical
Then, Stipend for licensed drivers of less than 21 years
Compensation for the alternative motor car rental
Then, Payment of the car in case of theft, fire, and damage by natural hazard (lightning, earthquake, landslide, etc.)
Then, Coverage for personal or third party physical and vehicular damage
Third-party car insurance services include:



AXA is generally ranked as the 4th Saudi Arabia insurance company.

It has offices in Riyadh, Dammam, Al Khobar, and Jeddah.

It is well known for an instant and broad range of cover proposals regarding insurance with having over 300 trained employees.

AXA offers both the services of Motor Perfect and Third-Party covers. You can either opt for comprehensive car insurance or legal liability regarding damages induced to other individuals.

Recovery of any crash or break down of the road of the car
Then, During the time of the covered accident, the facility of hiring a vehicle is available
Then, Repair of cars at the manufacturer’s approve workshops for up to two years
Automobiles wreck by any natural disaster
Then, compensation for the driver and passengers inside the car suffering from considerable injuries or in case of death
To ensure your car at AXA, you must be 25 years old, and the automobile should be registered less than ten years ago. The user of the vehicle should have the registration of the car in his name.

The main covers provided by AXA company considering car insurance services are:

Loss or damage to valuable personal belongings placed on the insured vehicle (up to Up to SAR 2,000/-)
Loss or damage to the insured car
Medical bills are covered for the person(s) inside the insured vehicle during an accident (up to Up to SAR 5,000/-)
Then, Compensation to be paid to the third party for injury, death, and property damage in case of an accident (liability up to SAR 5,000,000/-). So, the further advantages provided by AXA company for car insurance services are:


Link: www.axa-cooperative.com


One of the leading Saudi Arabia insurance company that is the Company for Cooperative Insurance (Tawuniya).

It is base in Riyadh. Tawuniya was the first license insurance company in KSA.

The insurance program for third-party liability is SANAD. It starts from 800 to 1200 Saudi Riyals and the maximum coverage of SR 10,000,000.

The advantages of the Al Shamel program are:

Nationwide set-up of agency workshops for damage insure cars
Cover for loss of part or whole car due to theft or fire
Cover for car towing
Drivers of less than 25 years with a driving license card can opt for this
Link: www.tawuniya.com.sa

The benefits of the SANAD program are:

Drivers of 21 years can accommodate
Furnished with an Insurance Card
Equipped with Bail Bond certify by the Traffic Police
Can include damages to a car with cover up to SR 20,000
The program for comprehensive car insurance is known as Al Shamel. It starts from SR 2500 and lasts till SR 10,000,000.


The Mediterranean and Gulf Cooperative Insurance (MEDGULF) is is Saudi Arabia insurance company that one of the most popular insurance companies in the KSA. Then, MEDGULF provides quality and credible car insurance at an affordable price.

You can get insured online as well as submit insurance forms manually at MEDGULF offices.

Replacement of tire(s)
fuel delivery
Taxi and Locksmith services
Towing and battery charging
Link: www.medgulf.com.sa

The services for third-party insurance by MEDGULF are:

Then, The sanction for physical injury to the third party persons
Retribution for damage by accident to the motor of the third party
Then, In case of a crash, support would be given to personal drivers and passengers or third party people
Cover for one’s damage
Then, Cover for the liability of the third party in case of an accident
The comprehensive car insurance services available by MEDGULF are:

Physical reimbursement will be allotted if the death or disability of the driver, passengers, or a third party takes place after an accident
Then, Cover for damage or loss of insured motor automobile and the third party vehicle
The company would cover the expenditure on hospital treatments and medication of the driver, passengers, or third party
MEDGULF also invests in assistance of roadside issues such as


So, The Saudi Fransi Cooperative Insurance Company (Allianz) is Saudi Arabia insurance company that provides conclusive car insurance to both individual and corporate clients since 2007.

Then, Allianz offers a basic cover of the property loss and physical harm both inside and outside the car.

Replacement of vehicle
Personal accident of drivers and passengers
Compensation of loss by natural disasters
Link: www.allianzsf.com

Therefore, The Allianz insurance company maintains comprehensive car insurance. It provides coverage of the insured automobile damaged by:

Explosion fire
Lightning fire
Accidental crash
Damaged during vehicular transport by rail or road
Moreover, Allianz extends additional coverage services regarding car insurance such as:


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