10 Tips for Successful Presentations in English


Tense and nervous are probably the two words that best describe how you feel when you are about to face an English presentation, tips are often needed to do so. Even though I am used to presenting in English, that feeling still keeps coming and gets bigger as the D-day …

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Calm And Happy Life Tips 2023

calm and happy life

Calm And Happy Life Tips 2023. Who doesn’t want a quiet and happy life? A quiet and happy life is a wish that sounds simple, but is so coveted by everyone. Although we cannot deny it, the standard of happiness is relative, different from one another. There are some simple …

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Tips To Face Economic Recession in 2023

tips recession

The recession is a condition where there is a decline in gross domestic product in two consecutive quarters in one year. We need tips to do something to face recession. Recession is a weakening of the global economy and affects the domestic economy of countries around the world. The possibility …

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HR Management Mistakes in Planning 2022

HR management mistakes

Now let’s talk about HR Management Mistakes. We already know that companies of all sizes, large and small, have talent management and talent needs. However, this is often underestimated by companies. As a result, many companies employ incompetent people and personnel, which falls under the category of human resource mismanagement. …

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5 Financial Planning Book Recommendation 2022

financial planning book

For those of you millennials who want to learn about how to manage finances, it feels obligatory to read a financial planning book. The knowledge and tips in these books can help you find out how to plan a budget, tips for successful savings, and how to invest in easy-to-understand …

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Tax Planning Tips and Examples 2023

Tax Planning Tips

Tax planning itself can divide into two types, namely domestic tax planning and international tax planning. In national tax planning, the guidelines are national laws and regulations. The first type is for Indonesian companies or companies with domestic trade only. International tax plans, on the other hand, are companies doing …

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